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Who is God?

Who is God?

This is everyone’s main question on earth. A lot of christians say they know God. They say they know how he thinks, how he judges us, and how he feels about us when we makes mistakes. I’ve come to realize that what I thought was true about God wasn’t entirely correct.

I’ve always imagined God to be very judgey. Whenever I make mistakes, I always assume God is disappointed in me and thinks less of me. A lot of people stay away from God, because they view him as this mean God who you have to follow; they think that when you sin or mess you, you will be punished. This is not correct.

God is so loving! Even when you sin or go on a different path than where God wants you, he still loves you and his value for you never changes. When God judges us, he doesn’t look at what we do in life; he looks at our hearts. Imagine your father on earth. When you lie to him or make a huge mistake, does he stop loving you or give up on you? Of course not! He may be disappointed and upset, but nothing can separate his unconditional love for you. God is similar, because when we sin, sure he is disappointment, but when we repent and turn from our old ways, God doesn’t even remember our past sins. He loves us no matter what you have done and no matter who you are.

I’m reading a book right now called, “Epic Grace.” It’s by Kurt W. Bubna, and I encourage everyone to read this book! It is seriously life changing! So, friends, If you think God doesn’t love you or can’t forgive you for what you’ve done, you’re wrong. Talk to God sometime, let him show you he is still here for you and that he never left. ❤